Victim Services dog helping child

Victim Service needs
your support to provide
our unique services
that champion dignity
and compassion for
all those affected by
crime, crisis, and loss.

Become a Lethbridge Victims Services Community Hero and your donation will contribute to those in our community at their time of greatest need.

Victim Services Lethbridge Corridor is a community-based and volunteer driven service.

Our services ensure that
no one has to
face the devastation
and trauma of criminal
activity, sudden personal
loss, abuse, fear or
intimidation alone!

Often people who have suffered from crime, tragic circumstances or disasters feel like they are alone and don't know where to turn for help and guidance.

Our Dog Program

Our trained volunteers provide emotional assistance to victims of crime, tragic circumstances, and disaster. Through our Dog Program, Madison and Marlee are “heart healers” and have the unique ability to determine which individual requires their immediate attention.