Victim Services

What is Victim services?

Lethbridge Corridor Victim services unit consists of a team of volunteers that work in coordination with Lethbridge RCMP, providing support, information and referral services to assist you, your family or anyone impacted by crime or tragedy. Our services that Lethbridge Corridor Victim services unit offer are free and confidential.

When VSU is supporting you we may talk to you on the phone, in your home or hospital or accompany you to court. (For more information about our court related services please click on the court related tab at the top of the page).

Part of our role is also connecting you with other community agencies and organizations that may be helpful to you. Some of these referral’s include but not limited too are:

– Counselling agencies
– Distress/ Crisis lines
– Shelters
– Medical Examiner’s office
– Social services
– Child welfare


If you have suffered a traumatic experience as a victim of crime or tragedy, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, distrustful of others. You may experience feelings of:

– Fear
– Stress
– Anger
– Isolation
– Violation
– Shock
– Anxiety
– Disbelief
– Helplessness
– Hurt
– Depression
– Self doubt
– “why me?”

Many people who have suffered through crime or tragedy experience the same feelings you may be experiencing. Lethbridge corridor victim services will provide a listening ear, comfort and to ensure you that you are not alone.