Facility Dog Program

Who is Madison?

• Madison is one of our victim advocated and she is also a Yellow Labrador service dog; whom is highly trained by the Alberta Dogs with Wings program, has full public access and is registered with the International Guide Dog Association. Madison has become known in as the “Mama dog” for her loving nature.

• We can never fully appreciate the trauma victims of crime or tragedy experience; No matter what type of crime or tragedy one has experienced, they may suffer emotional stress on a variety of levels. Madison’s job is to help those who are experiencing a vast array of emotions and to assist in grounding those emotions. Madison is a “heart healer” and has the ability to determine which individual requires her immediate attention; Words cannot describe Madison but everyone who touches her seems to have their stress alleviated.

• Madison and her handler Adonus Arlett (Lethbridge Corridor VSU Program Manager) have aided to peoples needs by responding to various emergency services including (but not limited too):

o Crisis calls
o Police Forensic Interviews
o Emergency rooms
o Hospice care
o A variety of community centers (for emotional supports, educational and/or community awareness

To request Madison to meet a victim, to attend court preparation meetings, to attend a trial or to visit a community organization: you can call Adonus Arlett at 403-635-1166 or email her at [email protected]

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