Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is often referred to as family violence or spousal abuse. It involves the controlling behaviour of someone who is close to you and can include any intentional or reckless act that causes injury, property damage or intimidation to yourself or a family member. Examples of acts of domestic abuse can include (but not limited too):
• Verbal and emotional abuse, e.g. name-calling
• Hitting, punching, kicking, strangulation and other forms of physical abuse
• Sexual Assault
• Forced confinement
• Neglect
• Financial abuse
• Stalking and Harassment
• Ridiculing a person’s religious beliefs
• Threatens to harm you, other people or animals

Many forms of domestic abuse are crimes and can happen against men, women or children. Research also shows that violence in the home may have harmful and lasting consequences for the well-being of children. The following resources are meant as a guide to help you learn more about domestic abuse.
Power and Control Wheel

power and control wheel

Cycle of Violence
1. Tension building phase: The abuser grows increasingly angry, there is a lack of communication and the victim is usually subjected to minor abuse (example: pushing or shoving, slapping, verbal abuse).

2. Incident/ Violence: The violence that has been building up to it’s breaking point. The violence and abuse may occur in any form (not limited too): physical abuse (hitting, kicking, punching, etc), sexual assault, financial abuse, emotional and verbal abuse.

3. Honeymoon phase: The abuser feels guilty at the harm done and apologizes. The abuser promises that it will never happen again. The abuser may blame abusive behaviors on victim. The abuse is ignored or denied.

4. Then back to point #1

If you would like more information regarding any of these topics and further reading, or you would like to find out how to stop someone (or yourself) from being exposed to domestic abuse, please contact Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services (403) 329-5042.

Victim of Violence
Family Violence Information Line 403-310-1818
Child Support Services Lethbridge 403-380-2272
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-387-5437
Parent Information Line 1-88-603-9100
Distress Line 403-327-7905
YWCA Harbour House 403-329-1881
YWCA Outreach Services 403-329-0088
Family Law
Womenspace 403-329-8338
Native Women’s Transition Home 403-329-6506
Canadian Mental Health
Distress Line 403-327-7905
Crisis Intervention Team 1-888-787-2880