Court Support

Program staff and volunteer victim advocates provide non-judgmental support and practical assistance to victims. This includes formalized court preparation sessions for crown witnesses, the accompaniment of victims to court, information on bail hearings, and information to help you with the completion of victim impact statements, restitution claims, and applications for financial benefits.

Court Orientation:

A Victim Service Advocate will contact the victim/witness approximately 2 weeks before the court date to set up a time to meet. During this meeting the Advocate will go over the following:

• explain the Criminal Justice process,
• explain courtroom process and procedures
• set up a court room tour
• assist the victim/witness to prepare personally for being in court
• emotional support
Court Accompaniment:
A Victim Service Advocate will attend court with you and provide emotional support, and help explain the court process as needed.

• Child Court Prep
• Lethbridge Courthouse
• (403) 381-5223
• Lethbridge Crown Prosecutors
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• Lawyer Referral Service
• 1-800-661-1095
• Legal Aid
• 1-866-845-3425
• Probation
• 403-381-5202
• Lethbridge Legal Guidance
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• Family Law
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